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Korloy America

Korloy America

Korloy manufactures cutting edge tools with advanced facilities and knowledgeable staff, Korloy has made continuous technological innovations to provide better machining tools for the following industries:




•Die and Mold

•General Machining


Korloy specializes in machining stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, aluminum and all steels from 1018 to A2 tool steels.

Products offered from Korloy:

Turning Products. Carbide, cermet and CBN inserts. Complete turning solution to increase productivity at a wide range of cutting speed, feed and depth of cut. NEW grades available for steel, cast iron and difficult to machine materials like Inconel and titanium.

Milling Products. Milling tools that provide the best quality for customer's needs and to improve productivity. Facing (RM8), square shoulders (New RM3 and RM4), high feed milling (6 edge insert with HRMD)and high efficiency aluminum machining with the Pro-X Mill.

Drilling Products. Korloy drills provides total solutions in hole making based on development, research and tooling know-how. 5XD U-drills, high precision top solid piercing drill and solid carbide with or without coolant and up to 25XD

Korloy Product Spotlight


RM3P Rich Mill series – Multi Functional Shouldering Milling Tool

3-corner using shouldering tool
  • Perfect perpendicular shouldering operation multi milling tool

  • High rake chipbreaker for high speed and high feed

  • Strong clamping force for better machinability

  • High Quality: True 90 °shouldering operation

  • High Productivity: Strong thick insert and 3-face clamping ensure stable operation even tough condition

  • High Economics: Long tool life due to optimized manufacturing process

Spintech Tools


SpinTech Tools operates out of south central Ohio and is North America’s only source for Neidlein products ( Facedreivers, Live Centers, Dead Centers) and Atling Steadt rests. Having more than 20 plus years of experience in the Workholding Industry. We have seen many different applications and been involved in many over those years that has put our company into a different level of experience than other companies. We don’t just sell products out of a catalog – we know how, when and why about the solutions that we provide to our customers. SpinTech Tools is involved in the actual physics of these applications, which gives us many resources to help our customers.

We know our products inside and out – what this means is that we know why certain bearings work better than others in different applications or why we should use one Face Driver over another having many choices for each. How to precisely tell our customers the exact amount of tailstock force needed in a Face Driver application and being able to also tell them what their maximum Speeds and Feeds can be. We have a very Technical staff and several engineers that can design a Workholding solution that’s as unique as some of the applications that we come across. We help our customers achieve better productivity with our products that we offer and the best support and technical service we feel in our industry.

SpinTech Tools is Customer driven to prescribe the best solution for your application needs, we take everything into account – We dissect your application data – which includes your Machine capabilities, Part tolerances, Tools being used, Cutting or Grinding Parameters from the Headstock to the Tailstock, all ingredients are key. This helps SpinTech Tools customers achieve their maximum Tolerances, Speeds and Feeds and depths of cut to produce the best part and deliver faster cycle times. Every part of this is vital, so SpinTech Tools can give our customers the best solution and recommendations with our products that we offer.

Accutek USA


Thank you for your interest in Accutek, featuring high-precision tooling and workholding products.  When we set out to develop the products for the Accutek product line, our goal was to use the latest technology, processes, and tools to bring to the market high-quality and dependable products at a reasonable price.

Tap collets and holders
HSK Holders
Interchangable power chucks
Tapping head
Cat and BT holders
Capto / KM Tools
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